Temperature problems

For the last several weeks, the temperature has been a hot and humid 95 most days, and is about 75 at 8 o’clock when I am getting to work. The biggest problem with this early morning heat is the 3-4 block walk from my car to the office. Thus, I am usually really warm when I arrive at work. The office has always been a warm 74 to 76 degrees, which is a steady temperature throughout the day.

I have grown accustom to wearing light, cool clothes for work since the office is so warm. So, imagine my surprise and discomfort this morning when I arrive in a thin, cotton baby doll dress, and the office is a chilly 64.5 degrees. Lack of physical activity (I sit at a computer all day) and the summer clothing is going to make this a rather long day. Hopefully my fingers will still be working at the end of it.