The little bits and pieces of How it all Happened

I am currently waiting for Aaron to finish up his first class of the semester, drawing. I think it is slightly funny that he is taking a drawing class, despite already knowing how to draw, but I guess he wants a ‘real’ education, rather than just being self-taught.

So, I thought I would finish up with the story of how we got engaged. And sorry for the lack of pictures. Aaron tried, but his friend couldn’t make it.

It all started when we were home visiting my family in Utah. I have never been a fan of overpriced expensive jewelry, and I told him I didn’t want a diamond engagement ring. I wanted an opal (I am rather demanding in the story, but that usually doesn’t happen). So, in my parents’ antique store, one of the consignment display cases had a silver opal ring in it. I instantly fell in love with it, but had to be slightly sly about showing Aaron. I tried several times throughout the time, but he seemed uninterested until I told him the price convinced him otherwise. But, he didn’t want to rush things or talk to my parents while we were there.

Fast forward several weeks, and I incessantly annoy ask if he has called yet. He of course called my mom first (she is less scary) and talked to her about the ring, before calling my dad to ask his permission. Aaron wanted to keep the whole thing secret, and wanted the proposal to be a surprise, but both him and my mom kept letting things slip, so I knew most everything. He finally got the ring on Wednesday, and then I ruined his plans because I claimed Saturday for a mystery trip (We went to visit his mom’s grave. Today is the one year anniversary of her death). So, he basically said he would do it on Friday. So, I knew ahead of time to actually get ready (I rarely do my hair or makeup during the summer) and was ready when he made the plans for dinner. I also had ruined another set of his plans because I didn’t want lots of people to be around (I think its weird and I don’t really like people).

So, Friday night we go to dinner at a nice, but casual restaurant, and have a great conversation. Afterwards, he starts driving through town, and eventually we end up at the riverfront park. I then ruin things further by texting my little sister about a possible bridesmaid dress (She was already shopping, it was perfect, and we all knew it was coming, and had already started the plans). He finally gets me out of the car, and we head down to the river. It was so gorgeous with the lights reflected in the water, and then Aaron pulls out three red roses.

He says the first represents our past, like when we met, our first few dates, and my pursuing him (He got the hint really fast though). The second rose was for our present, for all of the dinners and lunches I make for him, helping him when he misses him mom, and everything else (he got really teary-eyed here, and it was so adorable and sweet). The third rose was for our future, and he had tied the ring to it. I will say I didn’t cry, but I was definitely speechless, even though I knew it was coming. He totally surprised me in how it finally happened, and it was perfect. Afterwards, we just sat and talked, watching the water. I loved it for several reasons. First, I got flowers (I never get flowers, and what girl doesn’t love flowers). Second, it was still surprise. And third, he really thought about it and put up with all of my demands, and made it personal.

Sorry this is so ridiculously long, but I thought the details were important. And so far, we are planning on December 29th at the Manti Utah Temple. And our colors are black and white (love the irony) with silver and lime green. And we are currently looking at apartments (so much harder with two people to consider, rather than just me). As we decide on more, I will definitely post. So for now, farewell.


Its Official…The Ring

 This is the first of several posts because its true…I am officially engaged! I will post tomorrow about the proposal, but for now, here are pictures of the ring. Enjoy!

It is an opal in the middle with two tiers of diamonds on each side, the first with three and the second with two. I absolutely love it and it is perfect for me. I am so super excited to finally be engaged!

Utah Trip

Its been about two weeks since we got back from our trip to Utah, and I already miss it. Aaron had only been to Utah once for the Missionary Training Center, and so we kind of acted like tourists and visited the sites. Our flight came in early Wednesday morning, so we tried to sleep in, which was an epic failure. I didn’t hardly sleep past 6:30 the whole trip. We spent the day resting, and just hanging out with my family. Wednesday night we went to dinner with my cousin, Briana, her husband, Tyler, and my other cousin Camille at Cafe Rio. I have been craving pork barbacoa ever since I moved to Alabama, so it was great to actually have good Mexican food.

Thursday, we went to Salt Lake and did the whole Temple Square business. This included the Church History Museum, Market Street Grill (they mostly had sea food and fish, which Aaron loved), the Conference Center, the Salt Lake Temple, and both Visitors’ Centers.

Next we went to Clark Planetarium, which sadly we found the  show rather boring because we both fell asleep. For dinner, we went to Fuddruckers and hung out with some of Aaron’s from Alabama, Kellee and Elizabeth.

Friday morning was spent going to yard sales, and walking along Main Street in Spanish Fork to the sidewalk sales. We spent time with my sister, Devere, which was super fun.

For lunch, we went to the Malt Shop in Provo with my friend Mallory, which was great. Alabama doesn’t really have milkshake places, and it was so much fun to see Mallory and hang out for a little bit. The next little bit was spent going to BYU and hanging out on campus for a little bit. Aaron got really bored going to the art museum and library, but I ran into an old colleague so it was all good. Then, we went to the Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum, and Aaron acted like he had died and gone to heaven. He had tons of fun, and loved the variety of stuff animals, including the Kodiak Grizzly Bear, and lots of others. The evening was spent with Aaron’s best friend James and his wife and daughter. It was exciting to meet some of Aaron’s childhood friends and get to know them. Overall, the week started out great.

Look for the rest of the trip report later this week.

Why do vactions make me so tired?

We are back in Alabama after a quick and dirty trip to Utah. And I have been since for the last several days. My throat has been soar and yucky all this week, and today my head started hurting and my nose is running constantly. In addition, tonight is the last day of my summer class, so I had several assignments that were due this week, plus the excitement that is work. It is rather exhausting, and I feel like I need another vacation from the vacation. Luckily, I don’t start class again for another 3 weeks, so I will have plenty of time to rest and readjust before the craziness of fall semester starts.

(The boys all spent the night at our house, and were exhausted)