Engagement pictures

Several weeks ago, we had a good friend, April Wilson, take our engagement pictures in downtown Northport and Lake Nichols. They turned out super great, and I am so excited to use them for future projects, including our invitations, decorations, and guest book. Here are some of my favorites!

(Aaron looks just like Obama here)

Life Happenings and Temple Announcements

Its been over a month since I last posted, although I have meant to post before then. School and life has been super crazy lately, and we are in the middle of wedding plans now. I will post updates about all of those things soon, but I wanted to talk about something that is super special and awesome to me.

This weekend was General Conference for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. On Saturday and Sunday, the General Authorities and officers of the church speak and I came away with renewed peace and conviction, as well as a long list of ways to better my life.

There were several things that were my absolute favorite, which I wanted to briefly mention. First, the announcement of new temples, especially the Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo and the Provo Tabernacle. Aaron was called to three different proselyting missions, and served in several countries in Africa, including Togo and Cameroon. The last mission he was called to, although he never served in the country, was the Kinshasa Mission. He was super excited that there is going to be another temple in Africa, and so close to the people that he served.

I was super excited to hear that the Provo Tabernacle is becoming a temple. This building is special to me; I had high school graduation there, had stake conference and other church meetings, and went to musical concerts and other events. Last December, an accidental fire completely gutted the building, and left only the shell of the building. I am sad to see that the community is losing a cultural center and wonderful building used for community events, and hopefully the Church or Provo City will create another building that can be utilized in a similar manner. However, it is super awesome that it will be completely preserved and rebuild to be used at a new temple. It is a beautiful building, and was still stand as an important part of the community, but will have a new life and purpose that is ultimately more important.

Preliminary sketch of temple via
I will write about my other favorites from conference later this week, as well as school and wedding updates. Thanks for reading!