A Month Late, But Still Happening: 2012 Goals

(There aren’t any pictures in this post, so I thought I would include this one at our wedding. My little brother in the middle is the best. He is totally embarrassed by any PDA).

I know its already the end of January, but I figured it was better to get them written down and shared now, rather than never. There are so many things that I want to accomplish this year, for myself and for Aaron and I. I think that the more I share and make these goals prominent, the more likely they are to come true. I also am terrible at actually making goals and sticking with them, so this is some accountability. So, in no particular order:

  • Attend the temple together at least once a month (We went in January, so we are already on our way)
  • Do genealogy work at least once a month. My family has tons of work already done, but most of Aaron’s family history stuff is not online, so this is most of my focus this year. January did not have the most done, but I am looking into getting the work already done.
  •  Live a healthier lifestyle. This consists of two parts: eating and exercise. We are trying to cut back on the amount of food we buy at restaurants, as well as the processed food at home, and introducing more fruits and veggies. I also want to have a home cooked meal from scratch 4-5 times a week. And we have a community garden space just across the street from our apartment that we will be growing food in this supper. We also are trying to live a more active lifestyle. This includes less time inside, and more time outside doing activities and exercise. The plan is 2-3 times a week, although so far we have done really poorly.
  • Be self-reliant. We are making a budget, paying off credit cards, and creating 72-hour kits. This last one is especially needed since last year, Alabama was the most tornado-prone state. In several years, we are planning on moving to Utah, and it would be great to have the money to buy a house when we get there. This also means that we need to live more frugal, and I need get rid of stuff and make life simpler.
  • Improve my technical skills in printing, binding, and conservation. This is school stuff, so I want to continue to maintain a 4.0, but I also want to stretch myself artistically and intellectually to look at my motivation. I am also trying to find an internship this summer in conservation, and to really understand my point-of-view, aesthetic, and motivation in creating books.
  • Increase my online presence. This includes several things, focused on blogging and book art. First, I will blog at least once a week (which is significantly more than I do now). I also want to reach 100 followers, which means I need to make myself more well know. In relation to the book arts, I want to organize the website and keep it updated on current projects. I want to create a shop and start selling books, including custom pieces. 
  • Read 50 books. I am a little behind, but summer should help some.
  • Increase skills in sewing and embroidery. I know how to sew, but my last several projects have been disasters, so I want to practice. I also want to become better at making clothes specifically. I also want to do some embroidery this year. I haven’t done it in years, but have some really cute projects I want to start working on, including these Kitchen Gnome Towels and Book Club Stitchettes. I want to make a book quilt with the Book club ones.
  • Be positive, and more loving. I struggle with both of these, and really want to look for the good in situations and people.
I also have some more personal and spiritual goals, including writing in my journal and having monthly dinner parties. Sometimes it seems silly to make New Years Resolutions, especially with a long and daunting list, but its good to stretch yourself and make commitments and strive to achieve goals. Otherwise, we can become stagnant and boring. So, here’s to a busy, but happy year.

Wedding Decorations

I am finally getting around to posting about the wedding, and all of the excitement. There will be several posts over the next week on a variety of topics, including the decorations, invitations, guestbook, attire, and flowers. I might even do a best of/favorite pictures post because there are so many great pictures, and I absolutely loved the whole thing. 
So, we are starting with the decorations. The reception was at the Provo Library Ballroom, in the gorgeous restored part of the old Brigham Young Academy building.

Every table had slightly different centerpieces. Many of these were from my parents’ antique store, Confetti Antiques and Books in Spanish Fork, Utah, with some extra fillers from Hobby Lobby, Tai Pan Trading, and JoAnns.

This dress is a vintage one that is very similar to my mom’s, although it is slightly different. The veil is the one that my mom used for her wedding.

We used the doors and fencing for the backdrop for the receiving line. We simply hinged the doors together and secured the fencing to the sides of the doors.

This is one of my favorite tables. We had family pictures, most of which were from when the ancestors were newly married. The closest ones show here are Aaron’s mom, and my parents at their wedding. We also had pictures of both sets of my grandparents, two of great-grandparent couples, and two of their parents, for 10 pictures total. These currently hang on the wall in our apartment, and I will show you later how they were used to create a gallery wall in the dining area.

This pictures includes the paper flowers that we made, which will have a whole post dedicated to them.

We also hung white lights from the pillars in the center of the room, and made black moire table runners for all of the tables. It turned out gorgeous, although making coherent centerpieces that are all coherent is a lot of work. I suggest having someone who is really good at decorating or interior design to help. Thankful I had my mom, who was absolutely amazing and provided so much help and planning and decorating. The reception turned out fantastic because of her. 

I hope you enjoyed them. Until next time,

The Holiday Season in Review

It has been several months since I last blogged. Since that time, there has been Thanksgiving, finals, moving apartments, flying home to Utah to spend several weeks with family, my parents’ 25 wedding anniversary, I went through the LDS temple to receive my endowments, Christmas, my wedding, my birthday, New Years, flying back to Alabama, an open house after we got home, Aaron’s birthday, and school starting again. It has been a crazy three months, but I absolutely loved it. Over the next few weeks, I am planning on posting about the wedding, new years resolutions, changes to the blog, our apartment, and life. I am so excited to be starting this new chapter in life, and I can’t wait to share it with all of you.

And for a little teaser, here is one of our pictures at the temple.

Until next time,