Wedding Decorations

I am finally getting around to posting about the wedding, and all of the excitement. There will be several posts over the next week on a variety of topics, including the decorations, invitations, guestbook, attire, and flowers. I might even do a best of/favorite pictures post because there are so many great pictures, and I absolutely loved the whole thing. 
So, we are starting with the decorations. The reception was at the Provo Library Ballroom, in the gorgeous restored part of the old Brigham Young Academy building.

Every table had slightly different centerpieces. Many of these were from my parents’ antique store, Confetti Antiques and Books in Spanish Fork, Utah, with some extra fillers from Hobby Lobby, Tai Pan Trading, and JoAnns.

This dress is a vintage one that is very similar to my mom’s, although it is slightly different. The veil is the one that my mom used for her wedding.

We used the doors and fencing for the backdrop for the receiving line. We simply hinged the doors together and secured the fencing to the sides of the doors.

This is one of my favorite tables. We had family pictures, most of which were from when the ancestors were newly married. The closest ones show here are Aaron’s mom, and my parents at their wedding. We also had pictures of both sets of my grandparents, two of great-grandparent couples, and two of their parents, for 10 pictures total. These currently hang on the wall in our apartment, and I will show you later how they were used to create a gallery wall in the dining area.

This pictures includes the paper flowers that we made, which will have a whole post dedicated to them.

We also hung white lights from the pillars in the center of the room, and made black moire table runners for all of the tables. It turned out gorgeous, although making coherent centerpieces that are all coherent is a lot of work. I suggest having someone who is really good at decorating or interior design to help. Thankful I had my mom, who was absolutely amazing and provided so much help and planning and decorating. The reception turned out fantastic because of her. 

I hope you enjoyed them. Until next time,


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