Wedding Flowers

As most of you already know, I am rather unconventional in several ways, and my wedding was no exception. I am currently in two graduate programs, library science and book art. So it is rather obvious that I absolutely love books. Thus, with was rather normal to have our reception in the Provo Library ballroom and to have all paper flowers. 
To create the flowers we used a Cricut machine and the Close to My Heart Cricut cartridge, with has over 700 designs, including about 6-8 different flowers. We used green paper, several different black and white patterned paper, and book paper. My wonderful sister glued most of the flowers, and I used floral wire, plastic pearls, and floral tape to make over 100 flowers. The boutonnieres and corsages also had leaves and plastic baby’s breath for additional dimension. Some flowers had green or silver glitter, which made them even prettier. 
We used the flowers for some of the centerpieces, and we made six boutonnieres for Aaron, my dad, brothers, and grandpas, four corsages for my mom, grandmas, and Aaron’s sister, plus four bouquets for my sister and cousin (who was my maid-of-honor) plus my real bouquet and a tossing one. Each bouquet used about 30-40 flowers, so it is no surprise we were up until 11 pm the night before the wedding finishing flowers. 
I  absolutely love the flowers, and they were one of the highlights for the whole wedding. The best part is that they will stay fresh forever, and I don’t have to worry about drying them. Making so many papers can be a major time commitment, especially for ones that are so complicated, but they were totally worth it, and were gorgeous. 

Hope you enjoy the pictures!


Valentine’s Day Festivities

It’s a little late in the day, but I wanted to include some of our decorations and ways that we celebrated on our first Valentines’ Day as a married couple.

For the last two years, I have participated in the stationery place’s Valentines Swap, and below are the cards that I made this year. They are made with purchased blank cards from Michaels, and I used pink paste paper (like grown-up fingerpainting, but more beautiful) for the hearts. I also displayed both this years and last years valentines on our wall. (And those shutters are being painted soon, so look for the coming post).

We don’t have a ton of decorations, but some of my favorites are the glass glitter heart (from my mom last year), the adorable heart paper heart garland (my mom’s present this year), the bear cook jar (Aaron finds him terrifying), and the super cute angel on the box (also from my mom last year). I didn’t add my new things this year, although most are from Target clearance last year, so they never got hung up. I also made a heart and xo garland, similar to this one. I also made some felt fortune cookies for Aaron, which he did find rather amusing. For more fun Valentines Day ideas, see my Pinterest board. The decorations are coming down tonight because they have been up for more than two weeks, and Aaron is rather tired of them.

Valentine’s Day is a very important holiday in my life now. It is not so much about the romance, and being married, but it is an important day in our relationship. For those who don’t know, prior to Valentine’s Day, Aaron and I had never really had a conversation, and had only been around each other several times. Katy, my old roommate, and I decided to have a party for Valentines on Feb. 13, a Sunday. We invited people the Sunday before, including Aaron. On Feb. 12, Katy and I went to a dance with several other YSA girls, and I found out that Aaron was 27, not 20 like I previously had thought. Because he was an old man older, I decided that I would make an effort to talk to him.

At the party, I made sure that Aaron got special attention and that we had a real conversation. The next day, Valentine’s Day, Katy and I made valentines to deliver to some of our favorite stores, and we took some of our extra cupcakes from the party over to Aaron’s house. His dryer was broken, so he came over to use ours, and I made him dinner. This was really the start of our relationship, and we had our first kiss less than two weeks later.

I therefore have a special love of Valentine’s Day now, and I wanted to do something special for Aaron. I decided to do the 14 Days of Valentines (idea from Mommy by day…Crafter by Night via pinterest). I used her printables, but changed some of the ideas. Aaron’s favorite gifts were a new watch, and a bobble head Spiderman. He absolutely loved them. And since he has class tonight, we are officially celebrating Valentines on Friday. I did come home from class tonight to these on the dining room table. It was a very nice surprise.

Happy Valentines’ Day to everyone. Love you all,

Bridal Attire/ Wedding Dress

Today is the day dedicated to bridal attire, including the wedding dress! I had tons of fun shopping for the dress, although it was a little stressful with my mom living half way across the country. The dress is pure white, full lace, with beading and pearls. I got it at David’s Bridal and the only problem: it does not have sleeves! With school, work, and everything else I decided to wait until I flew home for Christmas to find a jacket.

We shopped at several stores, and I took my mom, sister, and cousin on several different occasions. I found one I really liked, but they did not have my size in stock. They were getting a shipment with one though, so I waited. And waited, calling every day, until Christmas Eve. By this time I was freaking out because I was getting bridals taken in two day! and still did not have a jacket.

My wonderful mom took me shopping on Christmas at JoAnn’s, where we bought fabric and a Vogue pattern, and she made the whole jacket on Christmas day! It turned out beautifully. It was not what I had originally, but it worked perfect.

I also flew home without a veil because I was planning on using my mom’s. However, her tulle and design just did not work. So we bought a headband and tulle, and my wonderful cousin Camille sewed them together. We then trimmed the tulle and glued on pearls and crystals.

My grandma Shirley made my underskirt with was adorable and perfect. She also bustled the dress with beautiful crystal hook and eyes. 

The necklace and bracelet are vintage, from my mom and dad’s antique store, Confetti Antiques and Books. I got my earrings for Christmas from my grandma. And a good family friend did my hair and makeup both times.

Aaron got his handsome pinstripe suit from JC Penneys, and his silver tie from Tie One On at the Orem University Mall. My dad and brothers also got paisley ties, but in green. 

My beautiful sister wore a wonderful green dress. She actually bought the dress the night we got engaged. My mom and sister were out shopping and called just as we were getting out of the car, and Aaron said I was not allowed to answer it. We called back afterwards, and they had just bought the dress, even though they did not know when Aaron was going to ask. (He had asked permission from my parents, and got the ring from them, so they know it was going to happen).
My grandma Shirley also made this beautiful cape to wear outside while taking pictures. Although the day was wonderful weather, with no snow and relatively warm, the wind did start up, and it was great to have the cape.
Our rings: Aaron’s is stainless steel with carbon fiber and a tiny little diamond. He loves it.
When we went shopping for my ring, he somehow convinced me to get this one, a 10k white gold ring with three squares of four and nine small diamonds. It was perfect, and I love it so much now.

And in case anyone was wondering, it spun beautifully (although I was worried about the bustle because it was so heavy). Enjoy!