Wild Olive Stitch Swap

It has been years since I last embroidered, but this was the perfect project to get me back into it. I participated in Mollie of Wild Olive Stitch Swap, which turned out to be some much fun.  There were several hundred participants, and I got Leah from Victoria, Canada. She said she loves the colors blue, aqua, purple, orange, and red, as well as birds and nature. I did not have a pattern in mind, but find this super cute one from NeedleCrafter. It was so much fun to make, and I am way excited to start using embroidery in more projects.

Details of the hoop I sent. This is the first time I have done any embroidery since I was like 12, and I could not get french knots to work. So I substituted glass beads instead. I also sent one of my handmade books from this semester as a little extra gift.

This is the package I got from Julie, which I absolutely love. It came with a handmade bag with polka dots, guava candy, a needle holder with 5 needles (which is good since I am always losing them), and my new hoop!

I love this little owl, and my sister will be super jealous of him. I especially love the variety of stitches, including the french knots, which I am still trying to master.

This was such a fun swap, and I can’t wait for the next one. Its a great way to share talents and ideas, and is one of the reasons I love the blog-sphere. I have several projects that I need to share, and hopefully I will get some of them up this week. Its is crazy how fast life flies by, and I only have about 1 month left of the semester. Until next time,


2 thoughts on “Wild Olive Stitch Swap

  1. I just left a message on your Flickr pictures thanking you, but I wanted to do it again! So, thanks! 🙂

    I really do love the embroidery you did, and it'll have a place of honour amongst my favorite wall hangings. I'll be taking pictures and blogging about it soon too. 🙂

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