Life updates

It has been over a month since I last posted anything. The last few weeks have been super crazy with finals, work, and an upcoming internship. I had my last final yesterday, so I am all done with my first year in the book arts program. To celebrate, I went to bed last night at 7:30 and slept until 6:15 this morning. Not the most exciting way to celebrate, but much needed. We are going to see the Avengers movie tonight, which will be a little more exciting. I will have some updates on my projects this semester in the coming days, including the two books that I printed. And starting next Saturday, May 12, I will be posting from my beloved Utah, where I will be doing a 4-week long internship at the LDS Church History Library in the conservation department. My cousin is also getting married in June, so we will be there for that too. 
And since I can’t write a post without a picture, here is the instagram of our Easter haul. Aaron got my the Big Bang Theory (so funny) and he got Psych and a Gamestop gift card. Plus LOTS of candy, which was not the best choice, but its Easter. Until next time, 

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