Garden Update: We have tomatoes

It has been a month since my last update on our garden and a ton has changed. We have had some phenomenal growth, had to add tomato cages, and added some sunflowers to the mix.
This is a picture from March 30, just one month ago just after we planted everything. Everything was so small, and most of the plants were still just seeds.

This is our garden now! Its so exciting to watch everything starting to pop out the other ground. From front to back, we have carrots, onions, a pumpkin and several watermelons, iceberg and romaine lettuce, peppers, tomatoes, sunflowers, and Gerber daisies.

 We should be able to start picking the romaine lettuce soon, and the iceberg is starting to curl in.

 Two jalapenos on the same plant.

 Aaron just planted the sunflowers, but all six have popped up already.

 Our first fruit, a cherry tomato. Aaron said that it tasted delicious.

 These are some of another gardener’s tomato plants, but they are so huge.

It has been fun to see everyone’s progress and all of the different plants that everyone has made. I can’t wait until we start getting more fresh veggies,but it will have to wait until I am back from Utah.


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