Embroidered Baby Onesies

My cousin is having a baby girl at the end of August. She will be the first grandbaby, and thus is very spoiled. Lots of family was already in town for a cousin’s wedding, so there was lots of fun and tons of presents (people apparently love babies more than newlyweds). I knew that I wanted to do some embroidery for her and something small because they will be moving in the coming months, so I settled on doing several onesies. I used five 0-3 month old onesies and 3 3-6 month ones. The patterns included Mollie of Wild Olive’s Merry MateysLittle Owls, and Curiouser. I used four of the five Little Owls, the Pillaging Pirate from Merry Mateys (I thought he was a peg legged owl), and the Mad Hatter from Curiouser. I also made up two patterns roughly based on Dana’s sprinkle shirts. I did a “K” since my cousin and her husband’s last name is Kelley, and I did a heart. Out of all of them, the heart is definitely the most girly, but hopefully they can use the others for their next children as well.


These were so much fun to make, and made my daily bus right more enjoyable. And I finally successfully completed a french knot. I am super excited to get some additional embroidery done this summer and try some new techniques. Enjoy!


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