Home: Wall of Family

I have not done any posts about our apartment yet, mostly because I don’t totally love our decor and there are lots of little things I would love to change. However, there are some things I absolutely love, and I decided to share them. One of the things that I love is left over from our wedding reception (like most of our decorations). Its a wall of photographs of our family. There are pictures, mostly of my ancestors, around the time that they got married. There are two pictures of Aaron’s mom, two of my parents, my maternal and paternal grandparents, two sets of great-grandparents, and three sets of great-great-grandparents. The center frame is a wedding present and includes pictures from our wedding of family at the temple. 

And the two window frames on the side are actually old cupboard doors. The image on the left is the original color, which would have been fine without the ugly gold. So I painted them black and added some green grosgrain ribbon left over from our wedding. I use them for wedding invitations or cards, which adds extra color and variety.

I just finished the wall because I needed to replace two of the frames (the others would not hang on the wall), and I finally got some wedding pictures to put in the collage frame. I absolutely love having family photos around our dinner table and in the center of our home to be a constant reminder of the importance of family and the ancestry that we have. This will be something that I want to always include in any of our homes to have the physical reminder. Enjoy!


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