Pioneer Day: Chester McBride

Another one of the pioneers in my family is my great-grandpa, Chester Laverne McBride. Grandpa Chet was born May 14, 1917 in Minnesota. Married in 1940 to Juanita Monte Lewis, they had one daughter, my grandma Nita. Grandpa Chet played the trumpet in bands at the clubs, and always had such a lively spirit.

Grandpa Chet is someone who followed his heart when he knew what was right. About 10 years ago, my grandparents moved to Utah and brought Grandpa Chet and Grandma Juanita with them. After moving to Utah, Grandpa Chet starting taking the missionary discussions and decided to join the LDS Church. He was baptized on May 14, 2004, which was his 87th birthday. He faithfully attended church every week in his bolo ties, and went through the temple a year after he was baptized. It is amazing that even though he had lived a long time, he still was willing to change and improve his life.

Grandpa Chet died in 2008, about 4 years after Grandma Juanita. He had a lively spirit and was happy, even when life got hard. I miss Grandpa, and I am glad I will see him again one day.


One thought on “Pioneer Day: Chester McBride

  1. I miss him too Tommie! He always made me smile and was interested in learning new things his whole life. He always liked to be up on having the latest technology and gadgets. Some of the things I remember him getting early were color tv, a digital watch, nice stereo system, rubiks cube (he learned to solve it quickly), etc.

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