Pioneer Day: Bennie Taylor

I know this is several days late, but I had one more person I wanted to recognize. This person is some one that I have never met, but to whom I will forever be indebted. Bennie Louise Taylor was born in 1928 here in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. 
Prior to adopting Aaron, she had met some LDS missionaries and joined the Church. Aaron was the only child that she ever adopted, and she raised him as a single mom. She knew there was something special about Aaron, and made sure that he was steered down a righteous path. Bennie encouraged Aaron in school, church, and sports, and helped him prepare for a mission, college, and marriage. She taught him so many things for which I am grateful, including laundry, cleaning, and patience. 
I know that Bennie faced many trials throughout her life, including cancer twice and hardships with her kids, but she remained strong. She kept the faith, and taught Aaron to do the same.

This is Aaron and Bennie when he was still young.
Aaron with his sister, Adrienne, Bennie, and cousin when he got home from his mission.  
Everyone who knew Bennie absolutely loved her. She was kind, funny, and a true Southern lady. I am immensely grateful that Bennie joined the church, and strove to provide a better life for Aaron. She was a pioneer within her family, and continues to have an effect on their lives. I am looking forward to one day meeting this wonderful woman.