We Return with a Halloween Advent Calendar

It’s been over a year since I posted, but I am going to try to post more, even if it’s just simple things.

I just finished my mom’s Christmas present from last year. Its a Monster House Advent Calendar. Pattern by The Sugar House Shop and felt from Benzie Felt. 

I had so much fun making this heirloom, although it was a massive undertaking. The finished piece is 54 inches long and 18 inches wide with 30 handcrafted pieces that attach to the house with magnets.


Recent Adventures in Cross Stitch

For the last several months, I have picked up cross stitch and I have really enjoyed it. I have a project from Christmas that I will be sharing soon (it will get sent out this week). These are two projects that I finished in the last couple of weeks.

The Easter pattern is from Sewing Seed and was free for newsletter followers. This was a simple pattern, and I was able to finish it up in about a week. I used a vintage floral pillowcase and tore some strips to wrap around the hoop and to use as a tie. This is now hanging in our house ready for Easter next week.

DSCN3913This pattern is the Spiderman and Friends from Wee Little Stitches. I framed the cloth in a floating frame, which creates an interesting dimension to the piece. I am currently working on a corresponding pattern with the Sinister Six, so look for that in the next month or so.

I have a number of other projects that I am excited to get started on, including some more superheroes, Harry Potter, and maybe some princesses even. Thanks for reading!

Embroidered Baby Onesies

My cousin is having a baby girl at the end of August. She will be the first grandbaby, and thus is very spoiled. Lots of family was already in town for a cousin’s wedding, so there was lots of fun and tons of presents (people apparently love babies more than newlyweds). I knew that I wanted to do some embroidery for her and something small because they will be moving in the coming months, so I settled on doing several onesies. I used five 0-3 month old onesies and 3 3-6 month ones. The patterns included Mollie of Wild Olive’s Merry MateysLittle Owls, and Curiouser. I used four of the five Little Owls, the Pillaging Pirate from Merry Mateys (I thought he was a peg legged owl), and the Mad Hatter from Curiouser. I also made up two patterns roughly based on Dana’s sprinkle shirts. I did a “K” since my cousin and her husband’s last name is Kelley, and I did a heart. Out of all of them, the heart is definitely the most girly, but hopefully they can use the others for their next children as well.


These were so much fun to make, and made my daily bus right more enjoyable. And I finally successfully completed a french knot. I am super excited to get some additional embroidery done this summer and try some new techniques. Enjoy!

Wild Olive Stitch Swap

It has been years since I last embroidered, but this was the perfect project to get me back into it. I participated in Mollie of Wild Olive Stitch Swap, which turned out to be some much fun.  There were several hundred participants, and I got Leah from Victoria, Canada. She said she loves the colors blue, aqua, purple, orange, and red, as well as birds and nature. I did not have a pattern in mind, but find this super cute one from NeedleCrafter. It was so much fun to make, and I am way excited to start using embroidery in more projects.

Details of the hoop I sent. This is the first time I have done any embroidery since I was like 12, and I could not get french knots to work. So I substituted glass beads instead. I also sent one of my handmade books from this semester as a little extra gift.

This is the package I got from Julie, which I absolutely love. It came with a handmade bag with polka dots, guava candy, a needle holder with 5 needles (which is good since I am always losing them), and my new hoop!

I love this little owl, and my sister will be super jealous of him. I especially love the variety of stitches, including the french knots, which I am still trying to master.

This was such a fun swap, and I can’t wait for the next one. Its a great way to share talents and ideas, and is one of the reasons I love the blog-sphere. I have several projects that I need to share, and hopefully I will get some of them up this week. Its is crazy how fast life flies by, and I only have about 1 month left of the semester. Until next time,